Montana AFL-CIO’s Statement Regarding this Weekend’s Protests

The Montana AFL-CIO released the following statement regarding the weekend’s protests in response to the murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd.

“Systematic oppression and rampant inequality are what gave birth to the Labor Movement. We stood in support of Civil Rights and have fought for economic justice; and we will also stand on the side of those speaking out against racism and inequality today.” 

“While we do not condone riots, looting and the destruction of property we understand that these are oftentimes byproducts of anger that lead to real meaningful change.  It is far past time for our country and our leaders to stand up against the attacks against People of Color and the rampant inequality in our country. 

“Last night the headquarters of the Labor Movement was one of the brick and mortar casualties in Washington DC.  It is a building which represents hope, equality and the best of humanity. However, the AFL-CIO and the Labor Movement is far more than a building. It is the belief that each member embodies with their dedication to fighting for their fellow man. While the physical building is repaired by union labor, we will continue to stand picket lines, march, speak out, and vote until all Americans of all color and creed are treated equally.” 

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