Once Again, Greg Gianforte Reminds Us Who He Is

Rep. Greg Gianforte never misses an opportunity to remind us who he is. During the 2017 special election, he body-slammed a reporter and broke his glasses. Here he told us that he should not have to answer questions or explain his positions to the public. He also let us know that he doesn’t believe everyone should have a safe work environment. He said that people don’t need to retire because Noah was 600 when he built the ark. This, of course, reminded us he possesses an antiquated world view not based on fact or science. Yes, the only thing surprising about Greg Gianforte is that someone would possess such a worldview in 2020. 

Late yesterday, with his no vote for H.R. 2474 (the PRO Act), Gianforte reminded us of his disdain for working people. 

The PRO Act presents the most comprehensive fix to the holes in our current labor laws. It makes it easier for every worker to organize and have the protections provided by a union. It holds bad actors accountable for unsafe working conditions and owed wages. It provides the blueprint for a brighter future for the millions of Americans who have to work for a living, those of us not fortunate enough to start a company with seed money from father. 

Gianforte likely took more pleasure in this no vote than any other he’s cast. He believes the people who drive our economy should be grateful for the opportunity to serve him and the rest of his tax bracket. The ones who build the roads that make commerce possible don’t need fair compensation because their work allows Gianforte and friends to make money. Those who provide the infrastructure for modern amenities like indoor plumbing and electricity should survive on nothing more than the satisfaction of powering Gianforte’s luxury home. The individuals who provide the five-star service at the resorts allowing Gianforte’s rich, out of state donors to play Montana during their vacation do not need to collectively bargain because they exist simply to provide trust-fund children with fond memories. 

Greg Gianforte possesses a dystopian vision for Montana’s future. The wealthiest rule over those who work and the later should be thankful for whatever scraps our superiors toss our direction. Working your entire life to provide essential services for the ruling class is a privilege you should be thankful for. When you die a preventable death because of lack of healthcare that’s just the lord calling you home, your time serving the privileged ended earlier than expected. Gianforte wants nothing more than to make Montana his fiefdom. 

Throughout the history of our great state, we have banded together to reject this ideology. From Butte to Miles City workers manned the picket lines and demanded just compensation. We need to do it again, we need to come together, organize and make our voices heard at the ballot box in November or else this grim fantasy will be a reality.

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