ALEC Has No Place in Montana

Recently, our Superintendent of Public Instruction has found her name in headlines regarding her decision to attend an ALEC meeting. This should concern every Montanan who believes that access to quality education is a right. As many of you may not be familiar with ALEC or what it does here is a brief explainer on why you do not want any public official cozying up to them.

ALEC has long been a thorn in the side of organized labor because what they produce always sides with billionaire CEOs and not the individuals who subsidize their large salaries through their hard work and commitment. 

  • ALEC is a tight-knit collection of corporate lobbyists and state legislatures who design legislation that benefits only corporations’ bottom lines. 
  • Through ALEC, corporate lobbyists are given equal say in crafting state laws.
  • ALEC has been beneficial to the interests of big tobacco, big insurance, private prisons and charter schools.  

As you can see ALEC serves no purpose other than allowing oligarchs to enact their agenda by buying statewide officials, the same ones we elect to represent our interests. 

Let’s make sure we say no to ALEC at the ballot box.

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