The Fight to Save Social Security

Unionists love Social Security. This should surprise no one. We full-heartedly believe that all workers have the right to retire with dignity. We fight for Social Security just like we fight every time executives try to mess with our pension plans.  So when Social Security turned 84, the Montana AFL-CIO and Montana Alliance for Retired Americans happily threw a party. 

This celebration consisted of more than just delicious union-made cake though. The event program focused on education and effective advocacy. 

Before the ink could dry on Franklin D. Roosevelt’s signature, the program has been under attack. Conservatives constantly attempt to gut it in the name of fiscal responsibility and addressing the ballooning deficit. They do this while championing tax cuts for corporations and billionaires. 

Everyone should question this logic. Why should money come out of a program financed by workers putting aside their hard-earned wages pay for corporate welfare? 

 If you don’t support pillaging funds meant for retirees on fixed incomes, there is something you can do about it. 

Currently, The Strengthening Social Security Act of 2019 (H.R. 2654) awaits a vote in the House of Representatives, and you can let your representatives in Congress know that you would like them to support this legislation. 

Tell Rep. Greg Gianforte to protect Social Security and to vote for H.R 2654.  And then tell

Sen. Steve Daines to pay attention, “Social Security is not socialism” and that he needs to support companion legislation in the Senate because you need Social Security.

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