Senator Jon Tester Endorses Bipartisan Six Mill Levy (LR-128)

Today, former teacher and current US Senator Jon Tester endorsed the Six Mill Levy (LR-128) and emphasized the importance of investing in education for the next generation of Montanans.

Tester, who is also a former school board member and a product of Montana public schools, has always gone to bat for education in the Senate. He is proud to join a bipartisan group of lawmakers and organizations to endorse the Six Mill Levy, which has kept education affordable for all Montanans for the last 70 years.

“When education is affordable and within reach for all Montanans, our communities, our economy, and our democracy are all better off,” Tester said. “Montanans have seen the value in the Six Mill Levy for the last 70 years because we know that investing in our kids, the future of this state, is a Montana value. A vote to renew the Six Mill Levy is a vote to give students the educational tools they need to decide their own futures, whether that’s being a Montana farmer, or a United States Senator—or maybe even both.”

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