Montana AFL-CIO Passes Resolutions Supporting and Opposing Ballot Issues

During the 62nd Annual Montana AFL-CIO Convention, delegates passed of resolutions staking out the Montana AFL-CIO’s position on a number of ballot initiatives and refendums. Specifically, delegates voted to support:

  • I-185 (“Healthy Montana Initiative”).
    Medicaid expansion and its extensive benefits will sunset in 2019 unless expansion is re-authorized through I-185.

Delegates also voted to oppose:

  • LR-129 (regarding ballot pickup).
    LR- 129 would ban ballot collection by voter rights organizations and decrease voters’ access to the ballot.
  • I-183 (“Montana Locker Room Privacy Act”).
    I-183 would permit discrimination against transgender Montanans.*
    *Following the Convention, I-183 failed to qualify for the ballot due to a lack of signatures.
  • I-186 (regarding mining in Montana)
    I-186 directs the Montana Department of Environmental Quality to deny hard rock mine permits and expansion permits to existing mines that incorporate the most environmentally sound applications, based on standards higher than those required for municipalities.

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