BREAKING: Missoula News Guild Unanimously Votes Yes For Union!

Members of the Missoula News Guild Organizing Committee.

The non-management employees of the Missoula Independent voted this morning in favor of having the News Guild — Pacific Northwest represent them. The Missoula News Guild is excited to sit down with management and hopeful that we can reach a mutually beneficial collective bargaining agreement with Lee Enterprises. The unanimity of the vote is proof of how strongly the paper’s staff feels about securing a viable future for the Independent in Missoula.

We have been concerned by Lee Enterprises’ recent actions regarding the recently unionized Casper Star-Tribune, specifically the late-night telephone layoff of a well-regarded, award-winning editor — for financial reasons, according to Lee — and the subsequent suspension of one of the Casper News Guild organizers on the eve of our vote. Star-Tribune staffers had recently been told the paper was not targeted for cuts.

The Missoula News Guild would like to profoundly thank the many supporters from Missoula and around the state of Montana and the country who reached out over the past few weeks, especially the representatives of other media union locals. Most of all, the support of our Missoula readers and advertisers has sustained our motivation to make the paper as strong as we can. Thank you for believing in us, the employees who work every day to keep the Independent worthy of your trust. Your continued, vocal support will be more important than ever as we begin working towards our first contract.

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