Daines and Gianforte Fail Montana

National, state, and local trade unions and workers are celebrating the passage of the Section 45Q Tax Credit Friday morning, which was included in the “budget deal.” The Section 45Q tax credit gives companies crucial incentives to expand carbon capture development and infrastructure. Investment in carbon capture technologies will be essential to preserving and protecting jobs in industries dependent on natural resource while also addressing climate change.
Voting in support of the 45Q Tax Credit was Senator Jon Tester, who has been a consistent supporter of carbon capture technologies. Voting against the 45Q Tax Credit were Senator Steve Daines and Representative Greg Gianforte.
Al Ekblad, Executive Secretary of the Montana AFL-CIO, released the following statement after passage of the Section 45Q Tax Credit:
Our members, who dig, transport, and burn coal to power America, now know for certain where their elected officials stand when it comes to protecting their jobs and communities. 
Senator Daines and Representative Gianforte have spent a lot of time traveling to Colstrip and giving workers lip service, but when it came to actually investing in our state’s natural resources industries, they bailed on Montana. 
Our members appreciate Senator Tester not only talking the talk, but walking the walk, as well. His persistent advocacy for carbon capture tax technologies have not gone unnoticed. Likewise, Senator Daines’ and Representative Gianforte’s failures will not go unnoticed.

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