Tax Bill Breaks Workers, Gives Breaks to the Rich

Here are five big ways the GOP tax bill gives breaks to the rich and breaks working families:

  1. The tax bill would break 12 million working Americans who pay student loans by ending the deduction for student loan interest.

  2. The tax bill from House Republicans would give corporations a huge tax break for outsourcing by eliminating U.S. taxes on profits from outsourcing.

  3. The tax bill breaks working families in some states by dramatically raising taxes on working families by ending federal tax deductions for state and local taxes.

  4. The wealthiest of the wealthy get a special tax break in the Republican tax bill—a massively expensive tax cut for families with more than $11 million in assets, who will be able to pass on their riches to their children completely tax-free, forcing regular working people to pay more for essential public services.

  5. The tax bill breaks working families, especially seniors and people with disabilities and high medical costs, by ending deductions for out-of-pocket medical expenses.

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