Unsafe (non-Union) shop in Missoula caught on video

There’s a difference between non-Union and Union job sites. For centuries, unions have been at the forefront of fighting for and winning safer protections for working people. Horrific workplace tragedies such as the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory and the Hawks Nest Tunnel disasters are reminders of the need for unions.

Unions fought for the passage of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, which created the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Over the past 45 years, unions have won national and state safety and health protections for all working people, including key standards such as asbestos, benzene, lead, confined spaces and fall protection; and now more than 532,000 working people can say their lives have been saved through this law.

Unions also win strong collective bargaining contracts in their workplaces, establishing key safety protections such as safety representatives and labor management committees, as well as other labor protections such as higher wages, retirement security, work autonomy, job security, paid time off and predictable scheduling.

Bottom-line: Union job sites are much more safe than non-Union job sites.

Here are some facts:

  • Union companies have about 14% fewer lost work time claims
  • Union companies have 29% fewer lost time claims from “critical incidents” (e.g., traumatic injuries)
  • Union companies have 8% fewer lost time claims from musculoskeletal injuries (e.g., sprain, strains, and other similiar injuries)

Not everyone works on a Union job site and teh consequences are serious. The job site for Garden City Plumbing and Heating’s (a non-Union company based in Missoula, MT) new shop is incredibly unsafe. For proof, watch this video that was recently shared with People’s Voice:

As you can see, this is now how you properly lift a beam. Fortunately, those involved were not injured. Unfortunately, incidents like these are all too common on worksites, especially those in which workers’ have no voice.

Click HERE to find out how to form a Union.


People’s Voice has attained another photo showing workers being forced to use a ladder that is too short and not tied off or supported. This is how workers end up with broken backs of dead.

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