Where is Matt Rosendale? (Hint: not fighting for Montana)

Turns out, Matt Rosendale WON'T stand up to Washington

The Helena IR reports:

Two health insurance companies in Montana will be allowed to refile their rates to account for the Trump Administration’s decision to end payments for some individual policies.

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services contacted the Montana Department of Insurance and reversed a decision that said states would not be allowed to adjust their rates, according to a statement released Monday.

President Donald Trump announced last week he would immediately end subsidies paid to insurance companies to offset costs for people with lower incomes who buy insurance on exchanges. In Montana, nearly 64,000 people buy health insurance on the exchange. About 25,000 benefit from the subsidies, called cost-sharing reduction payments. Average payments are $1,147.

Both the Montana Health Co-op and PacificSource Health Plans are expected to raise their rates to make up for the loss of the subsidy payments, Dan Stusek, a spokesman for the department, said on Monday.

Where is Commissioner of Securities and Insurance Matt Rosendale? President Trump’s reckless and politically motivated decision will raise rates, cost taxpayers millions of dollars, and leave people without health insurance. Commissioner Rosendale should be standing up for Montana and calling out Trump for viciously targeting our healthcare. But he isn’t. He’s been silent.

Rosendale is being backed by the most extreme elements of the Trump coalition, including white supremacist Steve Bannon.

If Rosendale won’t fight for Montanans’ health insurance now (when it’s literally his job), why would he as a U.S. Senator?

Get to work, Commissioner Rosendale.

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