3-in-4 Parents Approve of Public Schools

Three out of four parents of public school students say public education is good or excellent, and nearly as many want to keep high-quality neighborhood public schools with more funding and less emphasis on standardized tests, says a new nationwide poll from the AFT.

The members of teacher unions know how important it is to listen to parents when charting a course for public education, which is why the union conducted a major survey of 1,200 public school parents from across our nation.

Only one in five parents endorses the agenda of vouchers and charter schools put forward by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and the Trump administration.

Four in five parents want high-quality, well-funded neighborhood public schools with a focus on safety, well-being and a culture of collaboration.

Parents also expressed enormous confidence (71% and higher) in educators, including teachers, principals and parent organizations.

On the subject of public school priorities, parents want smaller class sizes, more resources for art and music, healthier food, less emphasis on standardized tests, and more access to career and technical education to prepare students for jobs.

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