UPDATE: Arntzen, MEA-MFT clash over Teacher of the Year Program

Selecting Montana’s top teacher has been a task for the teacher’s union in the state for more than two decades, but now, that’s changing.

Superintendent of Public Instruction Elsie Arntzen recently announced her intention to take over the Teacher of the Year Program. Montana Education Association and the Montana Federation of Teachers, MEA-MFT, took over the program in 1996 after budget cuts eliminated funding in the Office Public Instruction’s office for the program.

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Elsie Arntzen is NOT serving our students well and she’s NOT not serving our teachers well, either.

“Elections have consequences, and we did not support Superintendent Arntzen in her bid for the superintendency. Of course she has opportunity, if you will, to take her revenge, if that’s what this is, than it fits,” said the president of the MEA-MFT.

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