“We’re incredibly disappointed in Senator Daines”

Al Ekblad, Executive Secretary of the Montana AFL-CIO released the following statement after the U.S. Senate voted down Senator Daines’ single payer amendment:

“We’re incredibly disappointed in Senator Daines. Instead of coming home to Montana, he’s in Washington, D.C. playing partisan games in order to score cheap political points, while the health care of 80,000 Montanans and over 20 million Americans remains under threat. It’s time for Senator Daines to start taking his job and this debate seriously. We expect much, much more of our U.S. Senators.”

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  1. You are right. He is playing games. He has already voted for repeal multiple times, even though only about 17% of Americans want to repeal the ACA.

  2. He is embarrassing. I grew up with great Statesmen like Mansfield,Metcalf,Melcher and Bacus that new what the people of Montana needed and wanted.

  3. He does what ever the Other Republicans do, just like a little kid. I’ll bet if they told him to jump off a bridge he would.

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