A (Quick) Summary of the 2017 Montana AFL-CIO Resolutions

One of the most important aspects of every Montana AFL-CIO Constitutional Convention is the approval of resolutions, which help guide the State Federation. At this year’s Convention, five resolutions were approved.

The resolutions approved by the delegates at the Montana AFL-CIO include a resolution creating a panel to review and revise the Montana AFL-CIO, which hasn’t been updated since the 2011 Convention; a resolution thanking the 2017 Legislature and Governor Bullock for the passage of Motor Fuel Taxes Increase; and a resolution recognizing the impending merger of MPEA and MEA-MFT.

The fourth resolution passed at this year’s Convention addressed the failure of the Montana Legislature to pass an infrastructure bill. Part of the resolution reads as follows:

Whereas, by killing the bonding bill, Speaker Knudsen killed many necessary projects including, but not limited, to the Southwest Veterans Home in Butte, several projects in the university system, and the Montana Heritage Center in Helena;

Therefore, be it resolved that the Montana State AFL-CIO thanks Governor Bullock and various House and Senate Republicans and Democrats for wanting to bond to build for infrastructure and jobs; and

Therefore, be it further resolved that the Montana State AFL-CIO finds Speaker Knudsen’s determination to kill the bill to be wholly inexcusable and not to be forgotten.

The final resolution that was approved by delegates was in support of the Montana University System 6-mill levy.

Whereas failure to re-approve the 6-mill levy would create a huge burden on subsequent state legislative appropriations and student tuitions;

Therefore, be it resolved, the Montana State AFL-CIO officially supports passage of  the 6-mill levy for the support, maintenance, and improvement of the Montana University System; and

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