While Trump Plays Games, Tester Gets Serious

President Trump may be throwing red meat to the coal industry with his announcement that the U.S. will withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, but, in reality, the President gave the finger to coal miners and communities only a week earlier in proposing a 70% cut to investments in essential Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technologies. 

It is impossible to hear the President refer to cities such as Pittsburgh, and Youngstown, Ohio, in explaining his decision on the Paris Agreement and not be struck by the fact that eight days earlier Trump proposed a cut to the U.S. Department of Energy budget for carbon capture programs by 70%.

Don’t be fooled. Trump is a joke when it comes to supporting coal jobs.

The budget cuts, if implemented, would have real and tangible impacts on coal workers and climate change. It should be no surprise that President Trump is being dishonest and disingenuous.

Some Senators aren’t playing games with coal jobs and the future of climate change, including Senator Tester. Senator Tester is working hard to support legislation that will seriously invest in CCS and have huge impacts for coal country and the climate. The legislation, which is expected to be introduced soon, would extend and improve tax credits for the development of CCS technologies.

“Make no mistake about it, I think coal is going to be around for a while and we need to figure out how to burn it as clean as possible.” – Senator Tester.

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