Gianforte LIED to the voters of Montana. Straight-up LIED.

Greg Gianforte tells Montanans one thing, while telling his big dollar donors and and D.C. lobbyists something else.

When Greg Gianforte, the Republican running for an open House seat in Montana, was asked on Thursday whether he would have supported the bill repealing the Affordable Care Act that passed the House that day, he declined to answer.

“Greg needs to know all the facts, because it’s important to know exactly what’s in the bill before he votes on it,” said a spokesman for Mr. Gianforte, who is running in a special election for the seat vacated by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke.

But on the same day, during a private conference call with Republican-leaning lobbyists in Washington, Mr. Gianforte offered a more supportive view of the health bill. Making the case for the “national significance” of the Montana election on May 25, Mr. Gianforte said: “The votes in the House are going to determine whether we get tax reform done, sounds like we just passed a health care thing, which I’m thankful for, sounds like we’re starting to repeal and replace.” – The New York Times

Republican congressional candidate Greg Gianforte is defending competing statements about his party’s Obamacare repeal package that he has given in media interviews and conversations with donors who are backing his special election campaign in Montana. – The Examiner


A Republican candidate running for an open House seat in Montana was caught on tape praising the GOP’s measure to repeal and replace ObamaCare after declining to answer a question on Thursday about his stance on the bill.– The Hill

Trump’s health care bill that would eliminate protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

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