Tester: U.S. House is Forcing Seniors to Pay More and Failing to Address Rising Costs

Today, the House voted to repeal and replace the ACA with dangerous, unread piece of legislation.

Senator Jon Tester is not happy.

“From Plentywood to Libby, I met face-to-face with Montanans who overwhelmingly said, ‘don’t let Congress take away my health care,'” says Senator Tester. “Yet here we are again, facing another irresponsible proposal that is worse than the last.  The House is forcing seniors to pay more, jeopardizing health care for Montana women, and failing to address the rising costs that are draining pocketbooks.  I call on people in Congress to get off their political soapboxes so we can work on real solutions that increase access and make health care more affordable.”

Senator Tester recently held over a dozen healthcare listening sessions and town hall meetings across Montana.

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