These 40 Representatives Chose Montana Over Corporate Greed, Despite Pressure From Deep-Pocketed Special Interests

Last month Senate Bill 338, a bill which would help Colstrip families following the closure of Units 1 & 2, flew through the Montana Senate with immense bi-partisan support (43-6, which is almost unheard of).

Then SB 338 hit Austin Knudsen’s House.

SB 338 stalled in the House Energy Committee on an 8-8 vote. Yesterday, SB 338 was “blasted.” Unfortunately, the blast motion failed. Only 40 Representatives stood with working Montanans instead of massive out-of-state utilities that have made a huge fortune off of Montana’s people and resources.

Those voting to blast SB 338 were:

Representative Abbott
Representative Bachmeier
Representative Bennett
Representative Zach Brown
Representative Cook
Representative Curtis
Representative Custer
Representative Dudik
Representative Eck
Representative Fern
Representative Fitzgerald
Representative Funk
Representative Garner
Representative Grubbs
Representative Hamlett
Representative Adam Hertz
Representative Hill-Smoth
Representative Jacobson
Representative Karjala
Representative Keane
Representative Kelker
Representative Loge
Representative Lynch
Representative McCarthy
Representative McConnell
Representative McKamey
Representative Marigeau
Representative Olsen
Representative Peppers
Representative Perry
Representative Pierson
Representative Price
Representative Ryan
Representative Sales
Representative Schreiner
Representative Shaw
Representative Swanson
Representative Welch
Representative Windy Boy
Representative Woods

Please take a moment to thank these Representatives.

After getting crushed in the Senate, Puget Sound Energy is playing hardball in the House with the help of MEIC. Puget Sound Energy is spending a crazy amount of money to lie to Montana legislators and MEIC is aiding them with ridiculous and disingenuous scare tactics. It should also be noted that MEIC is in a very small minority. The majority of environmental and conservationist groups actually support SB 338.

Digital ad paid for by Puget Sound Energy. SB 338 is actually supported by farmers from eastern Montana, multiple unions (including the union representing teachers whose schools will struggle when 1 & 2 close), residents of Colstrip, business owners, Governor Bullock’s staff, Attorney General Tim Fox’s staff, Democratic Senators, Republican Senators, and members of Northern Plains Resource Council, a grassroots environmental organization with actual members. This is what a diverse coalition looks like and it demonstrated just how much support Senate Bill 338 has.

The Montana Senate should be commended for standing up for Montana. The 40 State Representatives who voted for Senate Bill 338 should be thanked for their advocacy on behalf of hardworking middle class Montana families in the face of corporate pressure.

After yesterday, the biggest losers are the people of Montana. Corporations with huge profit margins are the winners. Puget Sound Energy, Talen Energy, MEIC, and Speaker Knudsen should be ashamed of themselves for promoting corporate interests over their neighbors in Eastern Montana.

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  1. Only 28 names listed in article, despite the number 40 being tossed around in headline. Would like to see full list.

  2. Montana for Montanans. Too often we have had to live with the heinous messes from Big Corporations. Time for regular folks to not be shorted by big money, usually out of state.

  3. The Citizen’s will NEVER WIN at the STATE LEVEL or the FEDERAL LEVEL as long as we permit OUR POLITICIAN’S to accept MONEY to Vote for their interests instead of the People’s. Taxpayer paid Elections with NO outside money allowed and Expulsion from Congress for any Politician who takes MONEY OR GIFTS FROM OUTSIDE INTERESTS. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH…I WANT OUR DEMOCRACY BACK WORKING FOR ALL PEOPLE!!!

  4. If you want true democracy then vote for Quist since Gianfort is abillionaire who, since he moved to Bozeman, has fought our constitution and will dump it if elected. This rich man spent 9 years fighting our stream access after buying a big part of out river property out of Bozeman. He has no political experience here or any where else, mean while our Native Representative, born and rained on the east side of the divide knows what’s best for Us Montana folks and we desperately need a voice for Montana folks, please vote him in no matter what party you are in , this other guy lost to the governorship because people knew who he was and what he has cost the state fighting our constitution, he is a billionaire money man, you want democracy don’t vote for Gianfort from New Jersey

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