MEIC Executive Director Callously Mocks Defeat of Populist Legislation, Workers in Colstrip

Someone might already be in their cups.

If you’ve been following People’s Voice, Intelligent Discontent, or Ghost of Tom Joad, you know MEIC (the Montana Environmental Information Center) has been helping Talen Energy and Puget Sound Energy so they can avoid any responsibility for the devastation they are causing in Colstrip, MT after reaping profits for decades. Some people have suggested a backroom deal.

Strangely, MEIC’s opposition to Senate Bill 338 places them in the minority when it comes to both the progressive and environmental movements. Montana’s major conservation groups either support or are neutral on SB 338. SB 338 is also supported by most elected Democrats, including Governor Bullock and liberal Senators and Representatives.

Today, MEIC’s Executive Director Jim Jensen took to the comment section of People’s Voice to mock the defeat of SB 338 and the fate of many Montana families:

The comment was made on our post ‘These 8 Legislators Are Standing Up For Montana and Supporting SB 338.‘ The “Chris” Jensen is referring to is Chris Cavazos, Montana AFL-CIO Political Director who has been working to build a diverse coalition in support of SB 338.

Jim Jensen, MEIC Executive Director

Moving past the fact that Jensen’s comment is rife with both spelling and grammatical errors, it’s shocking that the Executive Director of MEIC would admit they are corporate sell-outs helping big utilities kill a bill that would have helped so many working Montanans transition after Units 1 & 2 close in Colstrip. I guess we now know just how much respect this organization and its leadership have for working-class Montanans.

Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised by Mr. Jensen’s callous outburst today. In the early 1990s, Jim Jensen was barred from the Montana Legislature for assaulting Senator Henry McClernan of Butte.

If you’re interested in getting in touch with Jim Jensen, his email can be found here.

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  1. I apologize for a late night, off hand, frustrated post. The end of the legislative session sees tempers flare, and mine is no exception. SB 338 has been the subject of much controversy and misinformation. MEIC and our allies, including leading conservation groups in Montana and the Pacific Northwest, strongly oppose the bill.

    This anonymous web site has repeatedly claimed that most conservation groups support the bill. The opposition to this bill is broad, deep and bi-partisan. It claims MEIC has lied about its position. That is simply not true. MEIC staff put our names to what we post online.

    But I went too far last night in a short online comment. My frustration got the best of me and I apologize. MEIC supports workers’ rights. When I served in the Montana House of Representatives, I earned a 100% positive voting record with labor. I object to the statements being posted online saying MIEC is the lone opponent of SB 338 and MEIC is “in bed” with polluters or is being paid off. That’s a bridge too far but it still doesn’t excuse my reaction.

    However, I do hope we can all agree that now, more than ever, we all need to return to fact-based arguments. (Finally, I must apologize to my late English-major mother for making a grammatical error.)

    • Hey Jim. This isn’t an anonymous blog. If you go to the disclaimer, it says who is responsible for writing the blog. Just like MEIC has a general blog, labor has a general blog. This isn’t anonymous and writers do put their names to posts.

  2. C’mon people, get along with each other. Montana needs you both. We have enough policy opponents out there, Suirely we cannot afford either the time or energy it takes for struggles within our own house.
    Forward together,

    Pat Williams

    • MEIC is not part of the progressive movement. They don’t sit on the Montana Votes table with your wife’s organization. They have even said they would be better off if Gianforte had won because they could raise more money. They are not progressives. They’re all about their funders. Real progressive environs include MCV and LCV. MEIC does nothing to help the progressive cause.

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