Hey Gianforte! If you’re hiding from Montanans, you shouldn’t be representing Montanans.

If you haven’t yet had a chance, be sure to read the Associated Press’ article examining Greg Gianforte’s campaign strategy: hiding in a bunker.

Gianforte is maintaining a relatively low profile that keeps him out of the reach of Democratic operatives and protesters who have shown up at Republican events in recent months. His Democratic challenger, Rob Quist, has criticized Gianforte for not holding more events ahead of the May 25 special election.

Instead of appearing at large rallies or holding town hall meetings, Gianforte has relied on television ads to get his message out while presiding over coffee klatches, chamber of commerce mixers and unpublicized gatherings. While he has spoken one-on-one with news outlets, he has yet to hold the kind of media events that were common during his run for governor. It’s a strategy that’s been seen across the U.S. as GOP members of Congress avoid town halls and constituent meetings to keep their distance from protesters angry about President Donald Trump‘s agenda.

If you’re hiding from Montanans, maybe you shouldn’t be representing Montanans.

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