These 8 Legislators Are Standing Up For Montana and Supporting SB 338 (Updated)

Yesterday, the Montana House Committee on Energy, Technology, and Federal Relations voted on SB 338, which passed with a huge majority in the Montana Senate (43-6). SB 338 holds massive out-of-state utilities accountable after the profits they made on the backs of Montana families.

As Intelligent Discontent pointed out, SB 338 is supported by “farmers from eastern Montana, multiple unions (including the union representing teachers whose schools will struggle when 1 & 2 close), residents of Colstrip, business owners, Governor Bullock’s staff, Attorney General Tim Fox’s staff, Democratic Senators, Republican Senators, and members of Northern Plains Resource Council, a grassroots environmental organization with actual members. This is what a diverse coalition looks like and it demonstrated just how much support Senate Bill 338 has.”

Unfortunately, despite bi-partisan support, the House Committee put a pause on SB 338 with a 8-8 vote yesterday.

The Representatives who voted with working Montanans over excessive corporate greed were Denise Hayman, Laurie Bishop, Geraldine Custer, Adam Hertz, Nate McConnell, Shane Morigeau, Andrea Olsen, and Zac Perry.

Please take a moment to contact these legislators and thank them for standing up for Montana.

Denise Hayman  (D) HD 66 |
Laurie Bishop  (D) HD 60 |
Geraldine Custer  (R) HD 39 |
Adam Hertz  (R) HD 96 |
Shane Marigeau (D) |
Nate McConnell  (D) HD 89 |
Andrea Olsen  (D) HD 100 |
Zac Perry  (D) HD 3 |

We will keep you updated on SB 338.

Edit: an early version of this post inaccurately listed Rep. Sharon Stewart-Peregoy as supporting SB 338. It was meant to be Representative Shane Marigeau. Thank you, Representative Marigeau for your support!

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