Workers and Their Families Need You to Act, Contact House Committee Members on Senate Bill 338

Republican Senator Duane Ankney with Democratic Governor Steve Bullock. Both support SB 338, but will need help getting the bill out of a House Committee.

Workers and their families need your help. Senate Bill 338 is a bi-partisan piece of legislation that holds massive utility companies accountable to the people and community who made them their huge profits.

SB 338 holds out-of-state corporations accountable for their actions by requiring them to help cover the decommissioning costs associated with closing a major power plant, like the two units in Colstrip.

Massive corporations that have made huge profits off of our land and our people’s labor shouldn’t just cut and run, leaving families unable to sell their homes, relocate, and transition. The choice should be an easy one. That’s why SB 338 flew through the Montana Senate with support from both sides of the aisle.

Senate Bill 338 is also supported by:

  • Governor Steve Bullock
  • Attorney General Tim Fox
  • The Montana AFL-CIO and its affiliates
  • Conservation groups
  • Local governments
  • Small business owners
  • Ranchers
  • And the families of Colstrip

We need you to act to ensure SB 338 gets out of the House Committee on Energy, Technology, and Federal Relations.

Please send a brief email to the following legislators and respectfully ask them to support SB 338. It’s time to put the people of Montana above the profits of large utility companies.

Representative Laurie Bishop

Representative Nate McConnell

Representative Shane Morigeau

Representative Andrea Olsen

Representative Zac Perry

Representative Sharon Stewart-Peregoy

To make it easier for you, just cut and paste these emails:

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