The House Judiciary Committee Just Voted To Table Mail Ballots

Senate Bill 305 enjoyed bi-partisan support because it would have increased voter turnout while also saving money. But the GOP establishment has opposed SB 305 for one reason: more people voting is bad for their electoral hopes. The GOP has even been accused of voter suppression because of their opposition to the mail ballot.


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  1. They are all for saving money, but they’re worried that they can not win if we have mail in Baliots, what a crock of an excuse!

  2. You guys are pathetic, dishonest, and afraid of the truth. Perhaps you all should be charged personally for the costs incurred in the election? What part of fiscal conservatism do you not understand?

  3. Voting/not voting has consequences. The Republicans cannot be counted on to do the right thing. Hopefully this debacle will change a few more votes.

  4. They know the can suppress MANY people from voting, because the elderly, disabled home-bound can not leave the house, or do not have the strength to stand in line for long periods of time. This is criminal. Please vote Rob Quist. We need a balance of Government, not a dictatorship!

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