House Appropriations Committee just tabled the State Pay Plan, Turns back on Montana Workers and Counties

Rep. Nancy Ballance, Chair of House Appropriations

The House Appropriations Committee has tabled HB 13, better known as the “state employee pay plan” or “state pay plan.” The state pay plan state gives hardworking employees a very modest pay increase of 1%. HB 13 would also provide a measured economic boost to every county in Montana.

Read Rich Aarstad’s piece on HB 13 HERE.

Today, the House Appropriations Committee tabled the bill. This is business as usual. Montana workers are being used as pawns in a political game.

Please contact committee members today and ask them to vote on HB 13.

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  1. So when’s the strike? When are state employee unions going to say enough is enough? The constant struggle, even when Democrats are the majority, is SO disrespectful towards the people that actually operate the machine that runs the state is so long standing that people just accept it as fact – they’re going to get screwed no matter who’s in charge.
    My Mom worked at Montana State University in the Registrar’s office – she was Union member for over 20 years. My husband works at MCDC in Butte, he’s closing in on 15 years as a Union member. Thirty five years of disrespect and union officials bowing and scraping that I’ve personally witnessed. When is enough, enough? When’s the strike?

  2. Shame on everyone who voted to table this bill. As a retired state employee of Mt it is a slap in the face! Cost of living continues to rise & the work load is nearly double too. Cuts are so devastating to employees, many state workers have two jobs in order to make ends meet.

  3. I work for montana state prison. We need our union to stand up to the people and say we had it!!! 1% is nothing for most it is .15 cents really the state and our unions are a joke. I work were you can be hurt and or killed and day any shift. So much for being a proud Montanan. This state just takes advantage of it’s people!!!!!

  4. 1% raise..what an insult. bout legislature take away their own 17% raise and give us correction officers a cost of living increase…pay us what we deserve…why don’t they come and do our job for a day and see for themselves what we do and put up with on a daily basis….they have no idea the danger we put ourselves up against everyday with these inmates….legislature are nothing but selfish idiots

    • Not all of them, some of them fight like hell to get these bills passed & are shut down time & time again. Montana need to fight back with their votes. Remember which legislators voted this down.

  5. Repubs have no scruples. That’s a given, but the real question is why do Montanans elect them? Every legislature I watch the Repubs constantly screw the electorate, and you bring them back. And in congress, too, Zinke, Daines…and now, probably you’ll let another repub buy their way into office in Gianforte. Stop being so pigheaded about a sales tax, fund your state (capture those tourist dollars) and get rid of all the stop gap taxes, PAY YOUR TEACHERS, pay your State Employees. Get them in line in the legislature.

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