Presumptive Illness Law for Firefighters Still Has Hope, But You Must Act

It’s been a week since the Montana House Committee on Business and Labor voted to table a presumptive illness law for firefighters. For the record, firefighters are much more likely than the general population to develop certain kinds of cancer.

There is still hope for Senate Bill 72 (the presumptive illness law), but two of the ten House Republicans who voted to table the bill need to change their vote and stand with Montana’s firefighters. We need people to act! Please take a minute to email of call one or all of the following legislators:

Representative Mark Nolan Big Fork 406-253-8982
Representative Vince Ricci Laurel 406-855-9153
Representative Fred Anderson Great Falls 406-761-4042
Representative Ross Fitzgerald Fairfield 406-788-1443
Representative Bruce Grubbs Bozeman 406-587-2685
Representative Steve Gunderson Libby 406-334-4370
Representative Denley Loge St. Regis 406-649-2368
Representative Adam Rosendale Billings 406-927-5450
Representative Jeremy Trebas Great Falls 406-899-5445
Representative Daniel Zolnikov Billings 406-861-5210


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