Representative Trebas: “Presumptive Will Never Get Through” with a Republican Majority

Last week Representative Trebas (R-Great Falls)  voted to kill a bill that would have helped firefighters who develop lung cancer on job. He voted to kill the bill after originally  telling his constituents that he would vote “yes.” He lied to Great Falls firefighters.

But Representative Trebas hasn’t kept away from Facebook since turning his back on firefighters. In fact, Trebas may have just let the cat out of the bag when responding to Dave Van Son, a Great Falls firefighter. Trebas wrote:

I want to see straight out cancer insurance provided so we don’t have to have the fight over what is occupationally caused or not. Regardless of if I’m here or not, I think as long as there is a Republican majority, the word presumptive will never get through.

First, Representative Trebas is wrong. The presumptive illness bill flew through the Senate, which is controlled by the GOP. So, the problem is not the Republican majority. It appears that the problem is Republican leadership in the Montana House.

You can read the entire exchange here:

Only two of the ten GOP Representatives who voted to kill the presumptive illness bill need to change their vote in order to move the legislation to the House Floor.

Please contact these ten Legislators right away by phone or email and ask them to support SB 72.

Representative Mark Nolan Big Fork 406-253-8982
Representative Vince Ricci Laurel 406-855-9153
Representative Fred Anderson Great Falls 406-761-4042
Representative Ross Fitzgerald Fairfield 406-788-1443
Representative Bruce Grubbs Bozeman 406-587-2685
Representative Steve Gunderson Libby 406-334-4370
Representative Denley Loge St. Regis 406-649-2368
Representative Adam Rosendale Billings 406-927-5450
Representative Jeremy Trebas Great Falls 406-899-5445
Representative Daniel Zolnikov Billings 406-861-5210

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  1. Thanks for this enlightening story about how the leadership of the House is blocking needed legislation to support the brave women and men who protect the public.

    In our democratic republic, all levels of government have a moral responsibility to use our commonwealth in ways that protect and empower ALL of us EQUALLY. Clearly, the fire service is part of that protection function.

    These public servants, who protect the public, are exposed to real dangers in the course of their duties. Cancers related to fire scenes are both real and documented. Other states have realized that a level of care for job-related illnesses is the least they can do to assure those in the fire service they have their backs.

    In my opinion, the public should be OUTRAGED by this action and should hold all those who voted NO or encouraged others to vote NO accountable…today and every day until they either see the error of their ways or are defeated in their bids for re-election

  2. For those that wonder why labor generally supports Democrats, this is a good example of why. Republican legislators must vote the party line, even when that means turning their backs on their constituents.

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