These two Legislators lied to Great Falls Firefighters. Here’s the proof.

Ten GOP Representative voted this week to kill a bill that would have helped firefighters who develop cancer from the dangerous work they do. That’s pretty shocking. What’s even more shocking is that two of the ten Representatives had told their Great Falls constituents that they would vote “yes” on the bill. They lied. They lied to firefighters, their families, and their communities.

Here’s an email from Great Falls Legislator Fred Anderson to Mr. Van Son, a Great Falls firefighter. In the email, Representative Anderson writes, “I do support SB 72.” Maybe Representative Anderson didn’t think Van Son would be at the committee hearing when he actually voted to oppose Senate Bill 72?

Another Great Falls Legislator did the same thing and in an even more public way. Representative Jeremy Trebas took to the Great Falls Firefighters’ Facebook page to say he’d be supporting Senate Bill 72. As you can see, the firefighters aren’t happy about being lied to. Jason Baker has even joined the conversation.

Contact Representatives Andersson and Trebas today and tell them to keep their word to Montana’s firefighters.

Representative Fred Anderson Great Falls 406-761-4042


Representative Jeremy Trebas Great Falls 406-899-5445


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  1. It makes you wonder what kind of a person these two legislators are. To lie to the people that one day could save you and your family’s life. Pretty egoistical. So we now know these are definitely two people that can never be trusted. They will only tell you what they think you want to hear. It is sad that they can look in the mirror each day and see a liar and that doesn’t bother them.

  2. Lies are an integral part of Republican politics. How they can look themselves in the mirror is a mystery. They are good for obstructive policy, but totally inept at constructive policy.

  3. I hope the voters in Cascade County remember this an vote you out next election. Don’t tell someone you support something and then do the opposite. It take a low life p—k to do what you did.

  4. I did send an e mail to Mr. VanSon supporting
    SB 72 before I researched the bill. Lesson learned.
    Upon researching the bill and consulting
    With both insurance and legal experts I
    was informed that the bill contained sever
    very subjective areas and that if the maximum
    allowable funding specified in the bill was
    reached the liability would revert to the state’s general fund. I was also advised that there was no legal way to limit the areas of coverage or the personnel being covered to those specified in the bill.
    Fred Anderson

    • If you didn’t know the context of the bill why would you tell someone so personally affected that you were voting for it? Our at least have the courtesy to explain before the vote why h you changed your mind. Hooter would you feel if your family home was burning, you called the fire department and they didn’t come.

  5. This report seems long on indignation and short on specifics. About as clear as mud.
    What is missing here?
    The exchange posted referred to a no vote to table the bill…doesn’t that indicate trebas was against tabling the legislation?
    How does refusal to talk with the representative on phone or in person aid in communication, or in constituents’ understanding of the issues facing legislators?
    Has no one thought to actually link to bill text/status of the legislation, so citizens can read for themselves?
    IMHO, find it most irritating when ya’ll start hollering liar without a clear argument for the accusation.
    God bless. Hoping the issue will be resolved for our firefighters.

  6. Nicholas “Nick” Mariana, the general manager of the Great Falls “Electrics” minor-league baseball team, and his secretary observed two “bright, silvery spheres” move rapidly over the city’s empty baseball stadium.

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