These 10 GOP Legislators voted to KILL a bill that would have helped firefighters with cancer. Call them.

Today 10 Montana Legislators voted to kill a bill that would have created a presumptive disability law that would have helped firefighters who develop lung cancer from the dangerous work they do. Montana is currently 1 of only 4 states that does not have any presumptive disability law for its firefighters. That’s shameful.

Please contact these Legislators right away by phone or email.

Representative Mark Nolan Big Fork 406-253-8982
Representative Vince Ricci Laurel 406-855-9153
Representative Fred Anderson Great Falls 406-761-4042
Representative Ross Fitzgerald Fairfield 406-788-1443
Representative Bruce Grubbs Bozeman 406-587-2685
Representative Steve Gunderson Libby 406-334-4370
Representative Denley Loge St. Regis 406-649-2368
Representative Adam Rosendale Billings 406-927-5450
Representative Jeremy Trebas Great Falls 406-899-5445
Representative Daniel Zolnikov Billings 406-861-5210

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  1. Seriously… I received an email from our GF representatives that they were passing it and the LIED! Nice work LIERS!!!!!!!

  2. Please support all montana firefighters My husband is an injured firefighter and if not for my wage we would have lost everything, house and all.

  3. This Is Disgraceful, The Guys, Like Myself When I Was With Great Falls Fire Rescue, That Ran Into Your Home At 3am To Save You, And This Is The Return ????? REALLY ????

  4. Shame, shame! These men and women are as important to society as are law enforcement. They deserve our respect and support for what they do for our communities and not just s bunch of empty b.s. words. Disgraceful and this is one voter who will remember.

  5. Why would you say no to something this important. Who gives you the right to say no to this, but, yes to Blackjack. We need dare you think you have the right to decide who lives and dies. They give their all to us, and, you treat them like this. You should lose your jobs now. Everyone needs to see this list of people. They are losers.

  6. As legislators it is your moral duty to protect these fire fighters.
    Not all responsibility is financial conservitive

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