SB 338: People over Profit

Intelligent Discontent has a must read post up today about SB 338. Check it out. Here are a couple of excerpts:

Later this week, the Montana Senate will hear Senate Bill 338 in committee. This legislation holds massive companies accountable for their actions by requiring them to cover the decommissioning costs associated with closing a major power plant, like the two units in Colstrip. Senate Bill 338 is reasonable and prudent. It even allows companies like Talen Energy and Puget Sound Energy, which own the units, to submit their own estimates on cost.


Have we not learned from the environmental, economic, and human disasters that followed the corporate greed and exits of our past?

This legislation is about ensuring the massive corporations that have made huge profits off of our land and our people’s labor don’t just cut and run, leaving families unable to sell their homes, relocate, and transition. The choice should be an easy one.

Flathead Memo also has a post up on SB 338.

At this point, I’m leaning toward supporting the bill. It’s wrong to let coal companies strip the wealth from the earth, wrecking the landscape and despoiling land and water, without requiring that they invest in the rehabilitation of the communities and workers’ lives their greed has impacted. Instead of letting Talen, et al, take the money and run, Montana should take money from Talen before running Talen out of the state.

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