Gianforte’s New Political Ad is Full of Lies

After losing to Governor Bullock in 2016, Greg Gianforte is now running for Congress (just like Ryan Zinke did). The failed gubernatorial candidate released a new ad today (before he’s even received the GOP nomination). We took the liberty of grabbing some curious screen shots from his ad. Once again, Gianforte just isn’t telling the truth.

Actually, Greg Gianforte supported a sales tax in Montana, even though Montanans have consistently said “no thanks.”

Actually, Greg Gianforte sued the state of Montana to keep people OFF public lands.

Actually, Greg Gianforte mocked Social Security and opposes retirement for those who can’t afford it.

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  1. I wrote about this when it was 1st reported.He, that Fleming hooch, and slinky stinky zinke are all for selling off OUR beautiful MONTANA lands to their greedy friends so that they can destroy the GOD created natural beauty in the interest of making money and taking over our state.We Montanans should preserve this unique gift from our Creator! So far we have kept the Koch Brothers at bay by not selling THE DURFEE HILLS and we need to keep Gianforte,Fleming Daines, and ztinky in check when they run for office!

  2. Just another regret that I’m of the Montana Diaspora: that I can’t be supportive of someone else; which I definitely WOULD be if I lived in Montana.

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