Solar Project in Helena Violating Montana Wage Law and More

Solar jobs? Good jobs? Scofflaws perhaps. I talked with workers on the roof of Lewis and Clark County Library yesterday while they are installing a solar array system.

Are they being paid prevailing wages as electricians – nope. Laborers rates. That’s a violation of Montana law.

Are they licensed electricians putting together the rack system – nope. Another violation of Montana law.

Is the company they are doing electrical work for a licensed electrical company – nope. Another violation of Montana law.

Did a licensed electrical contractor take out a permit and now an unlicensed contractor is doing electrical work under that permit – yup. Another violation of Montana law.

The building in the background of the featured picture is the building where the State Electrical Board and License Compliance is housed out of. Do you think they can see this project from their windows?

The County Commission building is 0.3 miles from the Library and someone there should be responsible to make sure our tax dollars are being spent correctly and people doing electrical work should be paid electrician prevailing wages.

Tomorrow maybe? License checks? Wage compliance? The job will be done next week. Tick tock …

– Keith Allen

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  1. And being paid for with taxpayers money.
    You can’t turn off the sun, solar systems takes special knowledge, equipment, and licensing. Why the short cuts???

  2. This article is high on accusations, and low on facts. “Prevailing wage” as electricians? For what, bolting hardware to a roof? Under state and national electric codes a master electrician is only required for the installation of the inverter. Why should the county use taxpayer money to pay an electrician to install racking components. That would be a waste of money. Don’t bother arguing that it’s part of the ground system, so are your water pipes. Should we pay an electrician to do plumbing? This is a grab by the electrical union.

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