Charter School Bill on the House Floor tomorrow, February 24

The charter school bill – HB 376 – is scheduled for second reading in the House tomorrow, Friday, February 24.

Please contact any and all members of the House.  Urge them to vote NO.

Here is an easy link to contact specific legislators:

HB 376 (Windy Boy) – legal note –  Establishes local district charter schools, chartered through a politicized state charter commission, “not subject to the general supervision of the board of public education or the accreditation standards.”

In addition to bad public policy and a frontal assault on the board of public education and school accreditation and teacher licensure standards, HB 376 is unconstitutional.   Nothing prevents a local school district from working with the board of public education to establish a charter school pursuant to rule – 10.55.604.   In fact, nothing prevents a local school district from establishing innovative educational environments with or without the board of public education.

This information was provided by Eric Feaver, President of MEA-MFT.

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