Schreiner Works to Expand Apprenticeships

Representative Casey Schreiner has introduced House Bill 308, which will provide Montana businesses with tax credits in order to strengthen apprenticeship opportunities throughout the state.

House Bill 308 authorizes a $1,000 annual tax credit to employers that hire and place an employee into an approved apprenticeship. The legislation also gives a $2,000 tax credit for every Veteran hired and placed in an approved apprenticeship.

In a recent op-ed, Representative Schreiner wrote:

“Our state has a healthy employment rate that continues to be bolstered by diverse industries. It is a good time to be a member of the labor force under the Big Sky. But as our state’s workforce continues to age and retire, the legislature needs to seriously consider opportunities that will strengthen apprenticeship programs and train the next generation of Montanans.”

This a good bill and the Montana AFL-CIO was glad to support it.

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