Andrew Puzder withdraws as a Labor Secretary nominee

After mounting opposition, CNN is reporting that Andrew Puzder has withdrawn as nominee for Labor Secretary. Puzder’s abysmal record of violating his own workers’ fundamental rights and his detestable treatment of women made him extremely unfit to lead the very department charged with protecting and defending workers.

Executive Secretary Al Ekblad released the following statement in response to today’s news:

Working people from every corner of Montana spoke out forcefully against Puzder’s confirmation, because they were concerned about his actions as CEO of CKE Foods, which included cheating his own workers out of their hard-earned wages.

Montana’s workers deserve a Secretary of Labor in Washington, D.C. who will look out for their interests. We urge President Trump to listen to the voices of working people this time and nominate someone to head the Labor Department who will protect workers, not exploit them.

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