Oppose HB 329

HB 329 hits Prevailing Wage Laws by raising the Montana Prevailing Wage from $25,000 projects to $55,000 projects, which means everything under $55,000 will no longer be accountable to a Prevailing Wage Laws. HB 329 also develops an inflationary increase every year to exempt more projects from prevailing wage.

This is a blatant attack on Montana workers.

HB 329 has a hearing this Wednesday at 8:30 am in House Business & Labor in Room 172.

Studies have shown that workers who are paid the prevailing wage are more productive, and higher productivity can lower construction costs without lowering wages. Prevailing wage laws benefit blue-collar workers and their communities by:

  • Encouraging training.
  • Lowering the rate of injuries.
  • Promoting health care coverage.
  • Minimizing disruption to local labor markets.
  • Ensuring that minority and female workers receive prevailing wages.
  • Encouraging their participation in apprenticeship programs.

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