Senator Daines Does the “Ole Texas Two-Step” on Unions

In two statements that were just a day apart Senator Daines tried to imply that he was both a supporter of unions and that they were bad organizations.  He must have read the recent poll from Pew Research that found an overwhelming majority of Americans support Labor Unions, but knows he needs to fall in line with our new president and his corporate sponsors.   So, it’s no surprise that Senator Daines wants it both ways.

When voicing his support for the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline (which the Montana AFL-CIO also supports), Senator Daines tried to score points with the Labor Movement.  In a press release, Daines said “The Keystone XL pipeline will create good-paying Montana union [jobs].” Reading this press release, one might think Senator Daines sides with the American worker and supports collective bargaining.

Unfortunately, when he’s not talking about supporting multi-national corporations, Senator Daines takes a much more combative stance on unions.

Senator Daines is supporting President Trump’s Federal Government hiring freeze, which is expected to negatively impact Montana’s economy in addition to hurting our military Veterans seeking employment. In an interview, Daines told the Flathead Beacon, “we know public union bosses are going to do everything they can to fight this, but Montanans know that we don’t need a larger federal government with more bureaucracy.”

Senator Daines’s offensive use of the term “union bosses” betrays his true feelings towards working people, unions, veterans, and the opinion of the majority of Americans.

Since union leaders are elected in a democratic process just like political leaders, Senator Daines has now earned his new moniker, “Boss Daines.”  It kind of reminds us of the ole political boss on the Dukes of Hazard.

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