This is our Superintendent of Public Instruction

This is how Superintendent Elsie Arntzen responded when asked if she would support funding Pre-K:

She danced around the question before saying, “I do need to share with you that when I did ask that question, and I did a lot of traveling, it was not on the number one. The number one was making sure I had a teacher that’s there. So I do believe in our tight, fiscal minds, we have to say that wish list is big. That wish list is there and it’s on that list. But at this opportunity time, is that it? But again, I’m going to reiterate, if the Legislature does so happen, because it would take that opportunity to occur, if that happens, then I would do that within my power and with your energy in this room, to put that forward for our neediest and our youngest. I will not impede that.”

Arntzen then talked about education budget cuts and ensuring a bright future for students before adding, “And yes, my granddaughter, I’m blessed. Working parents, both of them are. And it is a difficult thing for child care, but I look at you, you don’t take care of that child. You’re educators. You educate that whole spirit, that whole mind. Yes, the whole mind you educate. And you educate the body. You cannot get to that entire end unless you have taken care of everything, and that’s very important. So with that, it is up to them. I would not impede it. If it is the wish, then that would be the case. Thank you.”

You can read the whole story here.

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