Let us learn from the past and fight for the future

The Montana Standard ran a piece this morning remembering “Butte’s Night of Horror.” Here’s an excerpt:

Sunday, Jan. 15, marks the 121st anniversary of what has been referred as “Butte’s Night of Horror.”

On the evening of Tuesday, Jan. 15, 1895, fire broke out in the Mining City’s warehouse district, east of Arizona Street.

Unbeknownst to the men fighting the fire and the hundreds of spectators, an abundance of dynamite was illegally being housed in those warehouses owned by the Kenyon-Connell Commercial Co. and the Butte Hardware Co.

When the flames reached the dynamite, without warning, a horrific explosion occurred.

Residents throughout the city described seeing a “volcano of fire extending hundreds of feet into the air.” Windows shattered throughout town.

This weekend, we must remember and honor the dead, while fighting for the living. Many workers continue to work in dangerous conditions and face lifelong health risks and illnesses. Let us learn from the past and fight for the future.

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