Zinke Meets with Trump [UPDATED, again]

UPDATE 2:51 PM Dec. 13, 2017: From Politico:

President-elect Donald Trump has offered the Interior secretary position to Montana’s freshman Rep. Ryan Zinke, an ex-Navy Seal commander, according to two transition officials and someone familiar with the offer.

The sources said Zinke has yet to accept and has given no indication as to which way he is leaning. But Zinke is also being discussed by prominent Washington Republicans as a possible 2018 candidate for the Montana Senate seat now held by Democrat Sen. Jon Tester.

The AP reports that Congressman Ryan Zinke met with President-elect Trump today in New York City. Zinke’s press secretary declined to say if Zinke is in the running for a particular position within the Trump Administration.

During the election, Zinke wanted to be picked as Trump’s VP. Zinke also wanted to be Speaker of the House.

UPDATE: According to The Hill:

Rep. Ryan Zinke (R-Mont.) is being considered as Interior secretary in President-elect Donald Trump’s administration, according to a Bloomberg report.

Zinke met with the president-elect at Trump Tower on Monday.

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