Carpenters Local 82 Endorse Lt. Gov. Mike Cooney for Governor, House Minority Leader Casey Schreiner for Lt. Governor

The Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters, Local #82  today announced their endorsement of Lt. Gov. Mike Cooney for Governor and his running mate House Minority Leader Casey Schreiner for Lt. Governor today. The decision came after a meeting by the union’s board on Thursday afternoon. Local 82, affiliated with the NW Carpenters Union represents over 30 locals and 29,000 working families in the Northwest. Carpenters and AFL-CIO leadership cited strong relationships that have lasted decades leading to their decision.

“Mike Cooney’s career has focused on creating great careers and opportunities for carpenters in Montana,” said Mario Martinez, President of Carpenters Local 82 out of Great Falls. “Mike Cooney has used every office and every appointment he’s had as a public servant in Montana to better the lives of working people. We know that our retirement, healthcare and right to organize are safe with Mike and Casey in office.”

“Working people in Montana know that Mike Cooney and Casey Schriener will do everything they can to make our lives better,” said Montana AFL-CIO Executive Secretary Al Ekblad. “They are two people who recognize that a bright future for Montana requires strong union representation and the right to organize.” 
Local 82 is the fourth Montana AFL-CIO affiliate to endorse the Cooney Schreiner ticket. Teamsters Local 190 based in Billings made their announcement on February 27. The Montana Firefighters Association announced their endorsement on March 24. The Montana Federation of Public Employees declared their support of Cooney and Schreiner on April 6. The Montana AFL-CIO endorsed the pair with a video release on April 1.

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