Montana AFL-CIO Endorses Mike Cooney for Governor

The Montana AFL-CIO today endorses Lt. Governor Mike Cooney and his running mate, House Minority Leader Casey Schreiner, for the Democratic primary in the 2020 gubernatorial election. 

“After careful consideration of all candidates, we made the decision to endorse Mike Cooney and his running mate Casey Schreiner,” said Montana AFL-CIO Executive Secretary Al Ekblad. “Mike has spent his career in public service to his home state, and the lives of countless working Montanans are better for it. He has shown that he’s committed to the workers who drive the state’s economy every day. The fact that he has a card-carrying trade unionist as his running mate further emphasizes that.” 

Cooney recently spoke to the board of the Montana AFL-CIO about his nuts-and-bolts ideas to raise pay, expand opportunities and create more career-quality jobs for workers all over the state. Cooney wants more ways for workers to learn high-value, transferable job skills without going deep into debt. He wants small businesses and manufacturers to thrive, and he respects the freedom of working people to have a voice on the job on issues like pay, benefits, retirement and workplace safety. 

“When Imerys locked us out of work and tried to break our union, Mike Cooney stood with us on the picket line,” said Montana AFL-CIO President Randy Tocci, who spent his career working at the talc plant in Three Forks until he retired late last year. “Mike was there for us when we needed him most, and that’s why he’s the leader working Montanans need as we look to the future.” 


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