Montana Democratic Party Staff Unionizes

The Montana Democratic Party and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 206 are pleased to announce the employees of the Montana Democratic Party have chosen to be represented by a union.

James Holbrook, Business Manager of IBEW 206, stated “We’re honored the employees chose the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. More and more professional employees like these are joining the IBEW because they realize they can benefit from the gains in healthcare and work conditions our construction, telecom, and utility members have secured. Everybody should have a collective bargaining agreement and a seat at the table, so the employees and the employer have a collaborative approach for success.”

Executive Director for the Montana Democratic Party, Monica Lindeen, stated “It’s my honor to voluntarily recognize the choice of these employees to organize into the IBEW. The party’s core values are exemplified through the IBEW. It is every employee’s right to organize into a union and I am proud to be able to participate in this auspicious occasion.”

Party employees perform the grueling work needed to progressively move Montana. IBEW 206 and the Montana Democratic Party will now move forward and collectively bargain a workplace agreement.

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