Special Election: The good, the bad, and the ugly

The Good

Montanans made Greg Gianforte and his friends spend an ungodly amount of money to win the Special Election. It took millions and millions of dollars for him to gain just 4% in the polls. He might be the most expensive and least popular candidate to run in Montana politics.

Also, after Body-Slamgate, Gianforte’s political aspirations may have hit a ceiling. It’s unlikely Right-to-Work Gianforte will be taking up residence in the Governor’s Mansion anytime soon.

The Bad

Body-Slamegate happened too late, voter turnout was low, and national groups did not invest in Montana. It’s too bad, because we could have elected a populist instead of the neoliberal D.C. Democrats are so intent on sending to Congress for one term.

The Ugly

Trump now has one more yes man in D.C. for his anti-worker, anti-middle class, anti-poor agenda. And Congress has one more millionaire representing the rest of us.

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