Representative Trebas’ Doublespeak to Firefighters Gets Called Out, Again

Representative Trebas just can’t stay away from Facebook. In fact, every since Trebas voted to kill a bill that would have helped firefighters with cancer, he’s been making frequent appearances on the Great Falls Firefighters’ Facebook page arguing with the men and women who have spent eight sessions trying to pass a presumptive illness bill for firefighters.

Trebas’ “represents” Great Falls, where Jason Baker is from, a firefighter currently battling state 4 lung cancer. Trebas has claimed that he didn’t need to vote for the bill because it would have only impacted one of his constituents…

Trebas continues to pour salt in the wound.

Firefighter Van Son  calls out Trebas perfectly for his disingenuous excuses for opposing Senate Bill 72.

And as for your ideas, it sounds as if a discussion is needed, and a perfect place for that discussion would be the House floor so ALL Representatives can hear your ideas and debate them. But that cannot happen until you reconsider your vote….Jeremy, you could make that happen, you could get your ideas heard in the House!!!

Also, Trebas claims that his vote wasn’t about partisan politics, but last week he said, “I think as long as there is a Republican majority, the word presumptive will never get through.” Reminder: Senate Bill 72 passed the Senate with bipartisan support. The holdup is in House Business and Labor.

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